Royal Mail Medium Parcel 594x444x428mm

(Exc. 20% VAT)

Royal Mail Medium Parcel Boxes 23x17.5x17"

Medium Parcel Size:
Internal size: 594x444x428mm
External size: 602x460x455mm

Made from strong double wall board
Sold falt packed in 10
Maximum Weight of each box is 1100g

For Single wall cardboard boxes check here


Looking for postal cardboard boxes that specifically meet the requirement for the royal mail medium parcel size category then this is the packaging solution for you. All of our Royal Mail medium parcel boxes are made to the specific requirements outlined by royal mail, with other size selections available in our corrugated boxes category.

This Royal Mail Medium parcel cardboard box is just under the limit outlined in the Royal Mail PiP (Pricing In Proportion) limit for medium boxes.

All of our products are carefully checked to ensured that all the external sizes of these cardboard boxes fit into the Royal Mail Medium Parcel category. Please note with this item that the external dimensions of a box are particularly close to the Royal Mail Medium Parcel limit, care should be taken when constructing and packing your items to ensure that you do not accidentally go over that limit.