Buying Guide

Corrugated boxes though lightweight can be extremely strong. However boxes can be made from wide range of different grades of material.

All of our boxes are made from either single wall or double wall board.

Single wall board is made from a fluted sheet of paper sandwiched between two sheets of linerboard
Double wall board is made from three sheets of linerboard with two fluted sheets of paper

When purchasing a box, it is important to look at more than just the price. In most scenarios a double wall box will be stronger than a single wall box.

As boxes can be made from different weights of paper, we provide the weights for our boxes. Two websites selling the same size of box at different prices may not be selling you the same box. One maybe made from stronger paper and thus weigh more than the cheaper box.

A box made from heavier paper will weigh more than a box made from lighter paper.

Tips for packing:

  • Keep your boxes dry.  Storing in a damp location will weaken the boxes
  • Distribute weight evenly within the box
  • Fill any voids within the box to ensure your product does not move during transportation